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  • climate niche: microclimate / see also: refugia
  • nutrient sensitive landscape
  • flagship species / iconic animals / celebrity species article
  • foundation species: forms base for ecosystem (grass)
  • indicator species: bio indicator
  • keystone species: high impact relative to its percentage of total biomass, often a predator (bird of prey)
  • invasive species: disruptive newcomer
  • eutrophication: nutrient stacking causing disruptive change to ecosystem (Baltic sea plankton bloom)
  • genetic erosion: decline of genepool / number of organisms in the species involved in reproduction
  • regime shifts > trophic cascade
  • tendency of a fully functional ecosystem to overcome elements of dysfunction. (There is also a tendency in dysfunctional ecosystems to refuse functional elements)
  • phenotypic plasticity
  • variation in the topology of the landscape
  • amount of microclimates
  • taxon richness: simply the amount of species found
  • taxonomic diversity: do you have 4 types of chicken or do you have 1 type of chicken, cactus, toad and butterfly
  • feature diversity: richness in functions and behaviours or just reindeer and moss
  • allodiversity: amount of species introduced by man
  • phenotipic diversity:
  • endemism: amount of species with a small range / amount of specialists
  • species distribution
genetic diversity
  • genotype: a genotype typically implies a measurement of how an individual differs or is specialized within a group
  • gene expression
dynamic vegetation model
  • dispersal scenarios
  • dispersal jumps
  • climate excursions
  • hysteresis: system (critically) dependent also on previous historic states
  • target ecosystem: chosen or preferred end state
  • assisted migration: for species unable to migrate at the required speed needed for surviving climate change
  • John D Liu, EEMPC: 1.5 billion hectares are suited to mosaic landscape restoration
  • parataxonomy: field-trained biodiversity collection and inventory specialist recruited from local areas, see also: gurukula_botanical_sanctuary
  • study of animal behaviour
  • ethogram: inventory of behaviours & actions of an organism
  • Davis' law: soft tussue models along imposed demands
  • trophotraxis: physical adation to food source
  • phylogeny: evolution / hystory of a species
  • forming of aminoacids
  • comets: comet gasses + radiation = aminoacids > proteins
  • ESA rosetta mission
  • comet impact chemistry: university of Kent, Zita Martins
  • panspermia
  • REDD: Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation
  • REDD+: inclusive of the rights of indigenous peoples
  • law of ecocide
  • Bonn Challenge: restore 150 million hectares of lost forests and degraded lands by 2020
  • Fluxnet: CO2 forest monitoring towers
  • ecohacking / sicizen science


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