lat. hortus gardinus : a cultivated enclosed area

“the real test of a well-composed garden is not how nicely it blooms but how beautifully it decomposes” – Piet Oudolf, avant-gardener.

I saw an old man who had a few acres of desert soil, unsuitable for farming, pasture or vine. Yet, by planting amongst the scrub bushes a little grass, some lilies, verbena and poppies, in his heart he felt like a king; and returning home late at night, his table was * laid with home-grown food. - Virgil

  • church_garden FoAM Amsterdam's edible garden project
  • tuin van Jan Amsterdam public park designed in workshops by FoAM with neighbors and experts.

Other gardens:

  • growing-book

Books are always considered as static objects in people’s mind, transferring through words, pictures and imagination they produce. To break this traditional impression, I embed some industrial design elements in this prose florilegium which name is “book on life”. People can plant whatever they like in the left side of the book, they should care for it and watch it grow. During this process readers do not only learn the meaning of life but they create life themselves. 8 small LED lights are fixed on the bottom of the plants, in the evening the book can be turned on to become a lamp with the unique light reflect from the leaves. Designer: Eric Zhang

  • popup portable greenhouses

Flowerhouse Portable Pop Up Greenhouse Kits are an amazing idea and about as cost effective as trying to build your own cheap and easy portable greenhouse. Imagine taking the principle of the Pop Up Tent and applying the technology to a portable greenhouse. Flowerhouse has several different greenhouse sizes to suit your gardening needs, such as the portable greenhouse, portable mini greenhouse, portable greenhouse kits, mini greenhouse portable, mini portable greenhouse kits, and a portable collapsible greenhouse.

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