.. . …. …. . improvements in a subsequent release

[may be utilised to enable [and disable]. both proportionately relevant.]

– Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. You can't solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that created it– ~ A. Einstein

… . . … . . another important matter to consider is the 'depth' command.

… .. .. .. . .. . .. when 01 constructs a fog, the depth of the world flattens to the message board revealing the indefinite delay of 01 else's flight.

Due to fog. When 01 constructs a fog, 01 wishes 01 else to stay.

.. . . . …….. . ..consequences?

01 can even go as far as to distort \ warp an image of the world, generating complex layers in the process. enveloping 01 else.

. .. . . …. the constructed layers slow reality down to 0.56 fps. the moments of fog expand. the expansion is not exclusively temporal. the layers automatically generate various objects, materializing as elaborately fabricated gifts to 01else.

01 else unwraps the objects.

1x mayan teapot 1x nail clippers 1x autumn leaf in formaldehyde 1x alive miniature ferret 1x analog pixel 1x rose of Jericho

unfolding. shrinking. expanding and tumbling.

01else spits in the rose. the rose opens up. slowly. slower still, it changes colour. slower still, it performs edge detection. gently, it reaches the limits. the atmosphere changes. slower still, growing beyond. broadcasting messages to multiple objects, demanding to expand through them. growing.growing.growing.

… . . . . . . ..

In a world of silent communication she thrives. the uncrowned queen of lassitude.

I am the queen of passion. she screams. . . I am the queen of curves. …… I am the queen.

.. . ….. a transparent or semi-transparent object appears. The rose grew so thin. so very thin. its genes dispersed over multiple .bio forms. .nonexistent forms. .almostexistent forms. the rose is barely visible, but slowly, it reaches the queen.

I want to be cloned. the rose whispered. I want to grow invisibly in several dimensions. i want to become fog. so thick, so very thick that 01 else cannot escape.

01 else reads a book. The fog lingering around the letters. introducing new patterns. new words, sentences, stories. stories within stories. 01 else waits impatiently, watching the screen, waiting for the indefinite to shrivel into a rational unit. 01, waiting equally impatiently for 01 else to turn around and decide to stay, stands up and proclaims:

….. . .. …… it is logical that the illogical should contradict the illogical.

When the statement proves to be lacking the desired effect, 01 returns to 01s objects. the rose, an especially malleable subject. prone to corruption.

… . . .. … . one more spit, and the rose grows further.

.. . …….. . . .. ……. . . now reaching the queen's toes.

wiggling, twisting in its transparency, the rose gestures, in rose sign language. slowly.

the queen reaches for her dictionary and reads:

Life has more executive value than mere survival. 01 else does not know life. 01 else knows survival. 01 else's otiose attempts to mutate have not been successful. I want to xenotransplant an xx lf cell into 01 else. How do I extract the lethal rose virus, a crucial part of xx lf's survival? I don't want to hurt 01 else - but the virus might prove lethal.

8th world salt symposium, says the queen, hurriedly and clumsily signing in rose language. she leaves the scene. falling asleep as soon as she touches the heavily starched bed covers.

She disappears from 01 world and ventures to another.

The semi-transparent rose of Jericho transmits the message to its uncurled tentacles. 8th world salt symposium. 8th world salt symposium. 8th world salt symposium. 8th world salt symposium.

The uncurling of the rose's foggy tentacles seems to take as long as the irrational indefinite delay that 01 else experiences watching the flight delay screen.

At the moment that 01 else reaches the 8th chapter of the book, the tentacles slowly begin signing to 01. whispering really, in microscopic gestures: 8th world salt symposium. 8th world salt symposium. 8th world salt symposium. 8th world salt symposium.

Bluebirds speeding up from 01 else's book. the book disintegrates in a swarm of miniature cars racing over particles of salt, scattered over the airport, falling from numerous sacks of chips, salted sticks, smoki and a variety of sandwiches.

A scientist in his snow-white lab coat appears from the far end escalator. The bluebirds freeze for a moment. Roaring their insect-like-sounding engines, they invade the semi-transparent tentacles of the still signing rose, spitting large amounts of fuel onto its fibres. Salty fuel. The rose cramps shrinking and expanding at the same time, catapulting the bluebirds towards the lab-coated scientist. in panic, he drops his sack, and spills the world's most precious salt particles. Fresh from the 8th world salt symposium.

01 watches 01 else wondering in disbelief. The miniature bluebird swarm wrapped in semi-transparent rose tentacles, those wrapped in fog, seemingly slowing down reality on this utterly boring airport, making it somehow smear itself onto itself, enveloping the data appearing on the screens and stretching them into infinity. All of them licking the salt from the 8th world salt symposium. Licking each other. The salt extracts the xx lf from the rose, the bluebirds driving over the virus. Over and over again. xx lf glistening on the surface of the semi transparent rose. Virus free, but alive. salt replacing the virus. self replicating into other xx lf cells

01, following the rose's signing instructions, collects the xx lf into a syringe and crawls under the bench. 01 else feels 01's tongue on the back side of 01 else's knee. warm, wet and slow, irrationally slow. slower than the changes on the delay board. 01 else shuts the 2 eyes and dissolves. suddenly, 01's tongue felt like a needle, probing 01 else's back side of the knee, returning to the warmth and wetness before 01 else manages to react. And 01 else dismisses the moment as .nonexistent.

The saltiness spreads from the back of 01 else's knee through both bodies. 01 body licking 01 else's body assimilating. From one cell to another. Osmotically consuming the salt, the crystals, the liquids. Both bodies slowly vibrating, slower still moving towards a state of permanent oscillation.

01 else restarts or shuts down the computer and turns around.

[introduction by Maja Kuzmanovic for nn \ nato.0+55 \ korporat warfare [m9ndfzzp varianta] ___ book by nn + anna balint]

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