Luminous Green

Reflecting on the role of the arts, design and technology in an environment of turbulence

Luminous Green is series of gatherings, workshops and play-spaces dedicated to a community of people who care about the world. About the world that supports life today and about the possible worlds, that may support a cleaner, greener and more fulfilling life in the future. The Luminous Green community is composed of creative thinkers, doers and makers, deploying their imagination and ingenuity to shape a brighter future, disentangling from the unsustainable and unnatural.

Luminous Green is also a network of places where this community can share the things and thoughts that make our lives worth living. Places dedicated an active and participatory culture, which aims to strengthen the reciprocal relationships between human cultures and other Earth-bound ecological guilds.

This site is one of the important nodes in this network. It's aim is to facilitate contact, information and knowledge sharing between all the Luminous Green people, wherever they are. This is the place to continue the discussions that began on one of Luminous Green gatherings, or their outskirts. It is meant for all participants to combine their existing efforts, share knowledge and bundle resources.

The content on these pages is continually evolving, including inconclusive experimental notes, as well as published articles, dreams in progress, as well as reports from realised projects, evaluations of successes and failures, announcements of intimate meetings, or large scale public events. We invite you to share anything you consider 'Luminous Green', in any medium you find appropriate. In other words, this space is for you and about you, people who have the vision, determination and commitment to grow beautiful worlds and tread along greener paths to engage with them - top-down, bottom-up, from the centre and from the periphery.

Resistance is fertile, you will be illuminated!

2010: Belgium
2009: California (organised by Marko Peljhan, UCIRA & UCSB)
2008: Linz (organised by Time's Up)
2008: Singapore
2007: Belgium
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