The alchemical notion that everything in the universe is alive (and also the universe itself.)

The wisdom gained from minerals.

Animals had the shortest lives but the most complicated structures > Minerals had the longest lives and the simplest forms. Minerals were alive, just look at crystals growing and volcanoes erupting. Minerals were thought to grow from seeds, like plants from seeds and men from semen. Growing deep in the earth, maturing s they rose up. So knowing the secrets to the perfect mineral gold, would make one understand perfection in plant and animal worlds. the mysterious substance through which gold rose underground is the Philosophers stone. When found the stone would bring perfection to the human world, giving health and eternal salvation.

Other alchemical interests:

  • the Alkabest: A universal solvent, to dissolve all substances.
  • the Elixir (of Life): the universal medicine.
  • Palin-genesis: The reincarnation of plants and animals from their ashes and attempts to generate miniature human beings (bromunculi) from semen.

Theun Karelse - 27 Dec 2006

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