public project page at

most recent cycle resulted in this →

currently assembling a book/dvd. working notes at Project txoom DVD, Project txoom Publication, and Project txoom Video

design guidelines + inspirations can be found in Project txoom Design

Gt Yarmouth specific design: Project txoom Design UK

cvs archive for rumination → CVS:_old_tx-docs/docs


more details on task + project coordination can be found in Project txoom Coordination

For the current coordination: Project txoom Coordination UK, Project txoom Coordination EC

hard/soft/wet -ware notes can be found in Project txoom System and wearable notes can be found here → Project txoom Wearables

development of txOom media will grow on Project txoom Media

preparations for the usability and user research > Project txoom User Research

workshop notes from the development meeting at f0am (feb.02002) Project txoom Workshop Notes (graphs + src of the notes will be online soon)

short review from future physical >

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