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Semiotext(e) #16 (vol.vi, issue i)

“You will never understand radio by listening to it” Neil Strauss

Radio Dada Manifesto - John Corbett

radio dada takes heart in the proximity of paradise and parasites Histories…

  • Brecht, Pedagogy, Autostimulation
  • John Cage and Radio by Chance
  • radio is entertainment as in zookeeping
  • radio is media as in postal delivery
  • (Brecht →) Benjamin → Enzensberger → Baudrillard (Full Stop)
  • Borderwork, a history in seven affirmative gestures
  • Mail Art
  • College radio, formats and freeform

The Ergonomy of Music - Muzak

“Boring work is made less boring by boring music”

Jammers, Spookers and Scramblers - Mark Dery

defense supression aircraft EF-IIIA raven, EA-6B prowler, F-4G wild weasel.

Jamcon'84 - Negativland

Church of the SubGenius

Baghdad Betty - iraqi 'morale-buster'

Radio Free Europe, CIA agit-prop, Mass Communication and American Empire by Herbert Schiller

Dr. Jose Delgado, radio waves, brain implants and mindcontrol

Two-way Radio Communcation with the Brain - Jose M. R. Delgado, M.D.

stimoceivers, implants, biofeedback, behavioural and emotional control. Jose Delgado

Radio From Beyond the Grave - Carola Morales

listening for the voices of the dead in broadcast radio spectrum, as well as recordings of empty rooms.

related to Electronic Voice Phenomena and the work of Konstantin Raudive

Hydrogen Jukebox - Neil Strauss

listening to the atmosphere and the unexplained around Marfa, western Texas Ed Hendricks, San Diego based physicist, geologist and computer engineer, interested in 'hearing' UFOs known as 'Marfa Lights'. the listenings mentioned were also observed by Michael Mideke who describes his activities as “speculating on the significance of our instrumentation abetted extensions of awareness into fantastic zones such as the Magnetosphere

listening to Natural Radio using VLF (Very Low Frequency) receivers. the most common source is lightning, strikeing about 8 million times per day around the planet, each with a voltage aprox. 250V covering the entire radio spectrum.

Atmospheric Radio Noise, aka “sferics”, with characteristic sounds such as 'chorus' and 'whistler' first recordings of 'whistlers' made in 1880s over long distance telephone wires. “clasic source book” → Whistlers and Related Ionoshperic Phenomena Robert Helliwell. whistler reciever WR-3, designed by McGreavy and Cathell as 'Conversion Reasearch' uses 5foot antenna, rather than long tangled wire

McGreavy is not exactly sure what kind of radio noise insects emit

Geologist John Derr has been trying to predict earthquakes using ULF (Ultra Low Frequency) receivers

VLF recordings; Alvin Lucier - 'Sferics' and a piece for Arditti string quartet based on tones from OMEGA navigation system.

SEPCA/INSPIRE VLF listening party with NASA supervision

Donald Cyr belives whistlers create crop circles, drilling charde particles thru the atmosphere

Radio Galaxy - David Simons

the universe is filled with radio noise

“The feeling is constantly growing on me that I had been the first to hear the greetings of one planet to another” NikolaTesla

radio signature of hydrogen 1420Mhz

SETI Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence, established by Frank Drake in 1960

META Megachannel Extraterrestrial Assay, concentrates on the band between Hydrogen(H) and Hydroxyl (OH)

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