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There are two approaches to the problem of establishing a Viridian aesthetic: the top-down approach, and the bottom-up. The top-down method consists of issuing historical analogies, broad statements of principle, sweeping aphorisms, and so forth, and trawling these verbal devices over the landscape in the hope that they will net something useful.

The bottom-up approach relies on assembling specific examples, whose aggregate might suggest an emergent future sensibility.

Since we Viridians have an expiration date looming, we will try both approaches at once.

[Subject: Viridian Note 00005: Viridian Aesthetics]

involuntary parks

The concept of the “Viridian Involuntary Park” was first broached in Viridian Note 00023. (See also Notes 00128, 00139, 00166, 00185, 00234, 00242, 00269.)

  • Viridian Note 00023: The World Is Becoming Uninsurable, Part 3
  • Viridian Note 00242: German Involuntary Park
  • Viridian Note 00166: Chernobyl Wildlife Park
  • Viridian Note 00234: Korean Involuntary Park
  • Viridian Note 00287: rocky_flats_wildlife_refuge.html
  • Viridian Note 00185: Disgorging Glaciers
  • Viridian Note 00269: Savannah Ecology Lab
  • Viridian Note 00423: Korean Involuntary Park

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“Eco-technology is where one uses the information that's encoded in natural systems to design and build technologies with the efficiencies and complexities of nature's 3.8 billion years of experimentation.” John Todd

using living systems for industrial tasks and

BioMimicry, nature as inspiration and measure design

climate change

up the ante.. “Why Global Warming Would be Good for You”

design / practice



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