This page aggregates background research in progress on the Future Fabulators wiki. This review of related work is far from comprehensive: it is filled with both large gaps and rabbit holes that call for further exploration. If you, dear reader, are interested in following up on any of the (related) topics, we would very much appreciate if you would share your findings, comments, notes or any other form of documentation directly on this wiki.

Scenario Thinking

  • scenario building has notes and quotes related to building (possible/probable/preferred future) scenarios
  • scenario methods inquires into different methods and techniques we could use in scenario building experiments, including the 2×2 uncertainty matrix, cone of plausibility, FAR, CLA, the Manoa approach and many others. we also look at how to improve elements of the scenario building process (such as creating powerful questions, inquiring into the past and present, horizon/environmental scanning, drivers of change, mapping uncertainty, scenario logics, backcasting, visioning, etc.

Prototyping and experiencing possible futures

Futures studies

Thriving in turbulence


  • musings from the Future Fabulators research retreat by Maja Kuzmanovic and Nik Gaffney
  • further reading can be found on the references page
  • a rather unstructured collection of thought processes can be found on the confabulations page

NOTE: other relevant pages can be found by following links on each of the pages above, as well as looking through the recent changes on this wiki

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