This page collects (possible) activities of the hosting community of practice.

See also: activity mapping

Possible directions:

  • Participatory learning, cross-sectorial experiments and creative processes (multistakeholder workshops)
  • Multisensory experiences (rituals, celebrations, immersive and participatory artworks)
  • Life-changing courses and programmes (personal and professional)
  • Retreats (in nature, unique landscapes, as well as cities)

Who initiates the activities?

  • 'clients': other individuals, groups, organisations, systems invite us to propose/design and host activities for them
  • the community: we design activities as a group and offer different 'packages' (joint project portfolio, see below)
  • individual members: each of us can bring our own projects to be supported by the group (either through consultation/advice or collaboration on each other's projects - see the "chest of drawers" or "process design lab" )

Existing activities


→ Activities we have done so far for the sake of the community itself

  • Hosting community gatherings: these are periodic gatherings, aimed at (our own) community development, process design, peer-learning and other exchanges
  • Peer-learning, mentoring, coaching (each other)


→ Activities we developed together in the past (with two or more hosting members). Some of these might be 'repackaged' as hosting-community offers for different target groups and situations…

Process Facilitation of multi-stakeholder, systemic transition/transformation programmes:

  • Workshops and other participatory formats, custom designed for clients (for transition/transformation of larger systems), for example:
werkbezoek: inleiding

Training courses:

Dinners and other Meaningful Meals:



Into the light of the flame, I let you go...

Hands-on workshops and hackathons:


  • Patabotanical tarot (in progress)
  • Borrowed Scenery (instructions, oracle)
  • Doing Nothing
  • Lucid Dreaming

Potential activities

Activities that could be developed as 'packages' by the whole hosting community, for different target groups…


Presence and contemplation:

  • Life story: e.g. the bardic idea of writing a story or singing, writing a personal prayer, etc.
  • Guided meditations (for live sessions at retreats, workshops… and recordings…)
  • Spiritual workshops for children
  • Life writing (memoirs, blogs, and other ways to reflect on life and transition through writing)


  • Seasonal celebrations
  • Rites of passage

Training courses:

  • Systemic constellation for individuals and larger systems


  • Inspiration dinner: tailor-made inspirational dinner where we gather people around a person with a specific idea for a project or another question
  • Fascination lunch: a lunch putting together strangers or acquaintances or friends where time is spent listening to each other’s fascinations
  • Tailor-made team building exercises around food


  • Barefoot walk
  • Nature coaching
  • Walking meditation (silent, guided, with cards)


  • Holding collective healing spaces for “complex” systems (acknowledge threshold phases for teams/groups/organisations)
  • Transition weekends for men/women or men and women
  • Better food in clinics, hospitals, and other health-related spaces
  • Noise pollution (new age in sound - spas, metro, hotels…)
  • Morning chorus (Ruben)
  • Co-learning community
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